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Online calculators for CA Technologies needed new branding applied to their product and a slight design refresh. The biggest challenge was forming logical patterns for the colors used in each calculator. Such an extensive digital palette came with strict color usage guidelines and for good reason – certain color groupings would either enhance or undermine the design depending on how they are mixed and matched. I needed to create a logical pattern of color usage so that a developer could quickly produce new calculators based on the patterns and logic I established.

  1. I started by creating a matrix of color options for base, highlight, and neutral combinations. This was so that anyone can simply choose a base color and follow the matrix logic to apply the palette to each calculator. By choosing one base color and following the matrix flow, even picking colors at random ensure that you can never pick a “wrong” color.
  2. Once the matrix of color combinations was complete, the colors then had to be strategically applied to 3 pages for each calculator to establish a pattern for the graphics, icons, and titles that carry the color combinations through each page. Once the application of colors was tested, the finished product was a framework that allows for dozens of new calculators to be created, each one with a color pattern unique from the rest.

CA Technologies creates systems software and ranks as one of the largest independent software corporations in the world.

Project completed at Watershed5.

branding comparison of CA calculator
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