one black and one green logo both identical
a geometric logo design against a blurry lawn
a black and white logo design with a saw blade and clean cut austin
a white logo decal on top of an image of green grass
a gritty logo design in color and black
a gritty logo design stamped over green grass
a color and black logo of a shovel with tree roots

Clean Cut Austin Logo Alternatives

Logo alternatives for a local Austin landscaping business who wanted contemporary, clean, and simple logo while showing relevant design elements and the name “Clean Cut Austin.”

The challenge here was to create something that stood out among the many local competitors who use popular elements such as grass, leaves, or lawn mowers. The idea was to convey something visually unique to the industry while adhering to the client’s taste and preferences. After designing dozens of logos just to clear out all the obvious choices, I came out with a handful of options that each harnessing a different aspect of the client’s brief:

  1. The first option is a simple geometric shape that shows the tip of a blade of grass cut off. Simple, recognizable, modern, and would definitely stand out among the other local business logos in the local industry.
  2. The second resembles a badge and has a more masculine vibe. The design would go well as patch on a hat or uniform, and the imagery is similar to what the client ended up pursuing for their final choice.
  3. The third and fourth designs widely depart from the client brief but were a fun exercise in my design process. Gritty, a little wild and definitely not “clean cut,” their style is a fun alternative that can hold it’s own among the sameness of design styles in the industry.
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