Dressed to Compress

Compress your PDF's to improve website speed, boost your SEO ranking, improve user experience, and cure insomnia.

What Is Compression

Compression works much the same as Image OptimizationIt allows you to deliver smaller files to your users.

Why Does It Matter?

If your PDF takes more than 3 seconds to render, users are more likely to abandon it, which will drastically increase your bounce rate, and eventually affect your conversions.

However, smaller files will take up less valuable server space, improve loading speed, take up less bandwidth on your users device, help boost your SEO ranking, and improve user experience. Small files always win.

How Do I Do It?

Check to see if your PDF is optimized already. Open your PDF in Adobe Acrobat, click “File’ and “Properties.” Look at the bottom of the “Description” tab. If “Fast Web View” says “No,” then your PDF will need to be optimized.

To optimize in Acrobat, save as “Minimum File Size” and enable “Fast Web View”. To save with the compression tool, simply select a compression level. Your file will download automatically.

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Best Practice

A good PDF is a small PDF. Try to keep your PDF smaller than 1MB if possible. Image-heavy brochures should be below 2MB.


Text compresses more easily than images. Use pre-optimized images in your PDF to make the file smaller before compression.

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