grey and color parking rockstar logo
parking rockstar color scheme options
parking rockstar tee shirt designs front and back
home screen with rockstar logo and two cars

Flash Parking

FlashParking wanted to market their company in a way that was fun and sharable, yet subtle and not overtly “sales-y”.

The result was a parking trivia quiz game called Parking Rockstar, a game that promotes their product in a fun, industry-learning, and competitive way. The graphics are colorful yet grungy, a cheesy throwback to 1970’s muscle car movies with the game narrated by a “Kowalski” type character. The 10 question game leads you towards rockstardom with point-based character upgrades, or towards a parking purgatory for perpetual losers.

My role was primarily art direction and developing the game brand (Parking Rockstar) with a fun personality that ties back into the main FlashParking company, yet can stand alone and be developed further into merchandise and other promotional materials. My other contributions include gameplay logic, user incentives, and alternative screen designs (character selection, leaderboard, user console, etc) that carry the Parking Rockstar branding throughout the game.

FlashParking is an award-winning company that offers SaaS-based parking solutions for parking operators to manage their valet, surface lot, and parking garage operations.

Project completed with Watershed5.

three branded iphone game screens
game login screen
game console screen
game choose character screen
game leaderboard screen
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